Our History

In 2007, our story started with teaching people to cook. Since then we have taught thousands of people of all ages to cook and enjoy food at home. It was this work that led us to create our good food business, concentrating on fresh meals for everyone and using our cookery experiences to help us create meals that are very easy to cook-at-home.

Part 2: Creating great meals: We decided years ago that providing everyone with access to good food was our aim and developing meals to cook and eat at home seemed a natural next step alongside our cookery lessons.

Part 3: Stopping food poverty: We are a social business using our profits to help households in crisis. So far we have delivered over 400,000 free meals to people/households who would otherwise have gone hungry.

Part 4: Creating new meal services: Creating fresh meals is one big step in the right direction towards helping everyone eat healthier. Now with our expertise in creating meals well established, we wanted to make sure everyone can purchase our meals at affordable prices. In 2022, we became the first food company in the UK to subsidise our prices so everyone can eat well and cook easy.